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According to IPAF, falls from a working platform is one of the major causes of injury or fatality associated with using MEWPs. Awareness and understanding of how to correctly use a harness is critical to the safeoperation of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS). 

The IPAF Harness Awareness & User combined course provides a thorough understanding of the knowledge required for both harness selection and use to maintain safety when working at height using work platforms. 


We can provide a harness for use during the user course, although if you wish to use your own, please ensure it is accompanied with a valid and in date thorough inspection certificate. 


Harness Awareness

  • Current legislation and duties for working at height and harness/ lanyard use.

  • The appropriate selection and lanyards for use in Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

  • Management and supervision of use of harnesses and lanyards in MEWPs.

  • To create safe systems of work for harness and lanyard use in MEWPs. 

Harness User

  • How to safely use harnesses and lanyards in MEWPs.

  • How to conduct pre-use checks of harnesses and lanyards prior to using with a MEWP.


This qualification provides an in-depth understanding of harness use for all MEWP operators. The awareness element also supports candidates who are not directly involved in the use of a MEWP, however require a further understanding of the risks and requirements involved in harness and lanyard use e.g. managers supevisors and safety professionals.

On completion of this course, you will recieve a digital certificate available via the IPAF PAL app.

Download the app via the link below;

iOS (apple) - https://apps.apple.com/app/ipaf-epal/id1557633308

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ipaf.epal


Theory Assessment (Awareness)

Practical Assessment (User)


5 Years

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