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Auth Body Image Face Fit | Qualitative Face Fit Tester (Train the Tester)

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Alpha Safety provides Qualitative Face Fit Certification, however, if face fit testing is something that you wish to conduct internally, this course is designed to provide you with the competence and knowledge to be able to do just that. Long-term, this course provides large cost benefits for organisations where face-fit testing is a regular occurrence.

The training programme aims to equip students with the knowledge to conduct a face fit test with the use of a qualitative face fitting kit, in addition to key knowledge of respiratory hazards and control measures.

The course is delivered by our experienced tutors. As such, tutors will also be able to provide extensive guidance on equipment; from FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 disposable masks, through to P1, P2 & P3 half masks. This ensures that you are protected, safe in the knowledge that operatives are equipped with the correct RPE.

Need the kit? We can Help...

At Alpha, we understand that this may be something new to many organisations. If you require the equipment in addition to the knowledge to undertake in-house qualitative face fit testing we can provide both at £450 +VAT

MOLDEX Face Fit Testing Kit - £225 + VAT

To book this course with your very own kit to take away please contact info@alphasafety.co.uk


Morning Session

  • Background to Face Fit Testing

  • Legislation and Guidance, HSE282/28 & HSG53

  • Set-up and Testing of Equipment

  • Fit Test Protocols and Procedures

  • Fit Test Do’s & Don'ts

  • The Sensitivity Test

  • The 7 Face Fit Test Exercises

  • Pass Levels

  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests

Afternoon Session

  • Practical Face Fit Testing

  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

  • Planning & Managing a Fit Testing Program

  • Managing Data and Test Documentation

  • Practical Face Fit Assessment

  • Multiple Choice Written Assessment


Where an employer provides respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to an employee it is essential for the employer to maintain documented evidence that the RPE provided is adequate and fits the employee. As part of this training programme you will be provided with hard copy templates (and electronic, by request) to assist with maintaining your records.

By completing this training you can be safe in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your obligations under HSE282/28 (HSE Guidance) and statutory duties under related regulations, for example, COSHH Regulations (2002).


Practical Face-Fit Assessment and Multiple Choice Examination


3 Years

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