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Health & Safety


The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires all businesses to complete a suitable and sufficient assessment of the hazards and risks that their employees and customers face. In fact this obligation extends even further and includes anyone that may be affected by an organisation’s work activities.

Companies must undertake regular comprehensive risk assessments. The recommendation is that the Risk Assessment be updated annually as a minimum. But organisations must also update assessments when there is a change to work practice (addition of new shift patterns for example), when new plant or machinery is purchased and companies must have separate Risk Assessments for pregnant and young workers.

An effective Risk Assessment will look at who exactly what the hazards are, decide who's at risk, effectively evaluate the risks and decide on precautions, record the findings and put in place procedures to review the assessment when necessary


• Conducting effective and comprehensive risk assessments, with the correct technical knowledge in relation to the activities of their organisation.

• Organisation & implementation of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment programme.

• Identification of specific training needs for the activities being assessed.

• Assisting employers in meeting legal requirements under UK legislation and promote improved standards of health and safety within their organisation


If your organisation has given you the responsibility to conduct Risk Assessments in the workplace then this course should be considered mandatory. It will comprehensively equip you with the skills and knowledge that'll allow you to discharge your duties competently and effectively.


Multiple Choice Examination & Project (Practical Risk Assessment, typically in your own Organisation)

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